Unison Pastured Poultry

Meet Our Farmer

Introducing Ewen Nettleton and family!

Ewen is a passionate about raising pasture raised meat chickens using regenerative practices, and is tailoring his mobile chicken shelters to suit our Western Australian conditions – in particular their pasture on the family farm in Boyanup.

We look forward to sharing both Ewen’s innovations and his very tasty pasture raised chickens with you!

Ewen and his family courtesy of Dirty Clean Foods.
Photo courtesy of Dirty Clean Foods.

Our chicken shelters are staggered in the paddock for ease of re-location.

Photo courtesy of Dirty Clean Foods.

Regenerative practice results in vast improvement to pastures.

Our new brooders accommodate day-old chicks. Our chicks stay in a brooder for 2 weeks before they are introduced to their shelter in an open paddock.

From humble beginnings to a new stand-up version of our chicken shelters built on the farm by Ewen. Ewen has meticulously researched and experimented with different models so that our chickens are raised with care and respect. Each shelter is relocated via a winch so the chickens forage on fresh pasture every day.

The chickens are brought onto the strip grazed section after the cattle have been through and are moved every day along with their shelters. After a couple of weeks, the strip grazed section is rejuvenated with increased biodiversity bringing more life into the area so that it is teaming with microbes, bugs and worms which increase the ability of the soil to absorb and hold water and carbon. This area is grazed multiple times in a year without the use of any chemical fertilisers. With the chickens doing the work, this is our way of helping to tip the balance back into our climate’s favour.

The chicken shelters are moved each day to provide new forage. Our chickens are given constant access to plenty of fresh water and grains which are carefully combined prior to milling to optimise the health and growth of our poultry.

Photo courtesy Dirty Clean Foods.
Quamby, a Unison Limousins bull feasting on the pasture produced by our regenerative farming practice.  

To start the regenerative process on our farm, award-winning Unison Limousins cattle strip graze a section of a paddock.

Our cattle reap the rewards with improved pasture for grazing after the chickens have been through. 

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