About Us

Unison Limousins began in the early 90s when our then 13-year-old son saved his pocket money with the dream of buying a top-quality beef stud animal. With the help of his older brother, together they sought the advice of local stock agents and decided that the Limousin breed was the best carcass breed due to low birth weights and high growth rates. From these simple beginnings our family has invested and developed the Limousin stud into what is now Unison Limousins, with three generations of family involved.

Over the years we have continued to improve the genetics at Unison Limousins. We have injected into the herd top-quality Limousin cattle from the Maryvale Stud in South Australia, as well as importing top genetics from Canada and other Australian studs, to produce high performing progeny with excellent temperament.

We pride ourselves on producing cattle with outstanding feedlot performance and return on investment. Our reputation for producing Limousins that are handled with ease is very important to us and one that we strive consistently to maintain.

Our family is passionate about agriculture and quality food production and by adopting regenerative practices, we have been able to make vast improvements to our soil and biodiversity and in turn, our pastures.

From humble beginnings, our confidence in and commitment to the Limousin breed has led to the production of award-winning Limousin bulls and consistent placings in the Harvey Beef Gate to Plate Challenge.

We welcome any opportunity to showcase our Limousin stud to those who are interested.